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The Pippinius Snugglebunnius

Amateur Archaeologist Discovers Rare & Exotic Breed

DATELINE: Wenatchee, Washington
February 19, 2014

Snow fossils discovered of an allusive animal breedSnow fossils discovered of an allusive animal breedSnow fossils unearthed by an amateur archaeologist in north central Washington today led to the discovery of a rare and exotic animal, the pippinius snugglebunnius – a breed some thought only existed in myth and urban legend.

The Burka, the Silk Scarf, and a Headband

Egyptian Tradition, Fashion and Forward Movement

Photo courtesy of "Simply Covered," by Sania Saddiqui The hijab is a fashionable head covering for Muslim women. Photo courtesy of "Simply Covered," by Sania Saddiqui The first most astonishing woman I encountered in Egypt was scurrying across six lanes of maniacal traffic in downtown Cairo, dressed head-to-toe in black, in 90-degree weather, without breaking a sweat.

I was in a heated panic just watching her as I stood frozen on the sidewalk for fear of being plowed over by ten taxicabs and tour bus.

Split-Aparts: Broken Into Magnificence

Photo courtesy of NASA Earth SciencesPhoto courtesy of NASA Earth SciencesI thought of Terry as my split-apart, my soul mate -- the same person, split apart in the Heavens and sent to Earth as two separate pieces of the same whole, with the driving need to find our other half. We were two trees with the same root, endlessly reaching for each other.

But when we finally found each other, all hell broke loose.

When Terry died, I took myself to Egypt on a pilgrimage to reconcile that which was fractured in me, to heal what was broken.

The Stairway to Heaven (via Hell)

Archway on the Stairs leading to the Summit of Mt. SinaiArchway on the 3,750 stairs leading to the Summit of Mt. SinaiI left Cairo on a bus and a prayer to the rural regions of Sinai, to climb the mountain of Moses on my own personal pilgrimage.

Sinai is a shield of land wedged between Egypt and Israel -- an emptiness covered from one coast to the other with mile after mile of nothing but hot dry sand, and then more sand; a strategic piece of real estate won hard and fought over often; its canal the shipping route of war and commerce; a coastline rich in marine life, coral reefs, pristine waters and European tourists; the land of Moses and the Ten Commandments, and the great parting of the sea by the hand of God.

The Hotel Bar

My First Night in Cairo:

The Bar at el Nil HiltonThe Bar at el Nil HiltonI love hotel bars. They are little islands of respite for weary travelers, lonely travelers, excited travelers, and traveling travelers.

Veterans Day - Today and All Those Years Ago

Veterans Day, all those many years ago, I was in Egypt. I had run out of money. So I sent my father a desperate email from the cyber cafe, after I had a big glass of juice at the Hilton café (no ice, as ice is almost impossible to find in Egypt).

Cairo: Without Reservations

Hathor is the daughter of the sun god, Ra, the goddess of joy and love, and the protector of women and travelers. She is depicted wearing cow horns, between which sits the solar disk. She also wears a manait, the symbol of joy and pleasure.

I actually thought I had reservations when I arrived, tired and alone, in Egypt. Four nights at the swanky Nile Hilton and from there, I would figure out my trip as I went. It was not to be that simple.

Finally, finally, at 9:30 at night, after five flights, a proposition in Greece by a traveling salesman, a scam in the Cairo airport, and a van ride into the city that scared the living shit out of me, I stood at the reservation counter at the Nile Hilton.

Egypt Calls A Woman

ThothThothThoth is the god of words and numbers and the patron of scribes. He presides over the heart ceremony during burial rituals—where one's heart is weighed against the feather of truth to determine the weight of its sins. Thoth records the final verdict: whether the soul will ascend to eternity or be devoured by the waiting beast, Aman.

I was the most unlikely woman in Egypt in the winter of 1999. Unlikely, unprepared, and underfunded. I didn't even have a hotel room when I arrived. The frenzied city of Cairo hit me like a jackhammer.

With ten places I had to see, two weeks of time, and not enough money to spend, I would call on Egypt. In her turn – with her demands and her offerings – Egypt would call on me.

New Website Launched for EcoTourists

KMC Media Co. announces the launch of the Northwest Road Tripper - a website for travelers and recreationalists interested in authentic, environmental, cultural, and low impact experiences.

EcoTourism – also known as green travel or sustainable tourism – attempts to make a low impact on the environment and a positive impact on local cultures, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the tourists themselves.

To Like or Not to Like

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