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Applegate Wine Trail: Barrel Tasting

A few years back, four of us "Road Trippers" headed to southern Oregon to get uncorked and unruly in the Applegate Valley. Valorie Webster, writer and photographer, chronicled the trip for a regional magazine (

Bend's Got Talent

I recently attended the Oregon Governor's Conference on Tourism, in Salem, to launch the outreach campaign for OREGON LAKES & RIVERS magazine. The magazine received a lot of positive attention and an enthusiastic response overall. Happy about that.

Last Magazine Standing

Interesting times in the publishing market here in Central Oregon. No sign of BEND LIVING's promised resurrection, although SagaCity - publisher of PORTLAND MONTHLY - made a run at it. Apparently they declined. My guess: if they were going to buy it, they would have bought it by now. The (allegedly) last issue of CASCADES EAST is on the streets as of Friday, April 10.


The rumors are flying. In a recent news article in the daily paper, Bend Living’s publisher was quoted as saying that the magazine was being “re-tooled.”