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Base Camp: McKenzie Bridge

Today, the Oregon Lakes & River research team headed up the King/Castle trail just across the covered bridge from base camp on the McKenzie River, which flowed this day in sparkling rivulets of aqua light. Sirs Galahad and Edmund Hillary, with their our steeds, Pippin and Max, went in search of the holy grail of trails: the panoramic view at the top of the mountain.

Who Cares What I think About Tennis Fashion?

Nobody should give a ding-dang what I think about tennis right now, particularly fashion, but here I go.
The US Open is gads of fun and commentator Pam Shriver looks great, having finally "done something" with her hair. She's a blast to listen to in the stands, too. Smart lady. Great sense of humor.

Last Week of August

If Labor Day is right around the corner (and it is)that means we're all heading back-to-school and into shorter days. Yikes! Cram in all the fun you can in the mean time. Here's a list of lake and riverside events in Oregon this week that you might want to consider:

August 26
Pickin' & Paddlin' Music Series: Moon Mountain Ramblers

Waterfall Bike Ride: August 21

Some "unorganized" fun to consider: Bike the river trails. It's just too much fun!

For example, if you live in Central Oregon, there's a very cool trail along the Deschutes River that includes the drama and beauty of three waterfalls: Lava Island, Dillon and Benham.

Summer Winding Down? Not a Chance!

Are the days getting shorter or is this just a terrible illusion? The good news: plenty of outdoor things to do before it's time to turn our attention to school supplies. Auuugh!