Exponentiate Your Efforts

Get More Mileage Out of News Stories and Press Releases

“Exponentiate” (verb; to exponentially expand your results; as in, do a tiny little bit more effort for a whole lot larger result; Example: When a butterfly sneezes in China, it causes a hurricane in Miami.)

I just made up a word: exponentiate. Why?

I had this really fun writing experience recently that taught me how to take one simple story and triple its reach. Here’s how:

Someone asked me to write a blog on Fall Foliage, because the colors in Oregon right now are exploding on the scene in shades of red, orange, gold and bright screaming yellow. And I know al little something about Oregon and I’ve look out the window once in awhile. Viola! I’m qualified to write on this topic. Plus, I know how to find relevant and helpful resources on fall foliage.

So I wrote a blog for Visit Bend called “It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Autumn." Then I shortened it and changed the focal point (one leaf with gold and brown spots, the rough size of a turkey platter), and posted a blog on Trazzler, “Leaf Peeping on the McKenzie River in Rainbow, Oregon.” I then expanded the story (it’s easier write longer pieces than tremendously concise and tidy ones) and posted it on my Oregon Lakes & Rivers blog, “I’m a Peeper, He’s a Peeper, Wouldn’t You Like to be a Peeper, Too?”

I didn’t reinvent the story each time. But I customized it to each readership and I took a few minutes to familiarize myself with each website’s editorial guidelines and style. Note: It’s not cool to copy and paste the same exact story and publish it multiple times as original material. You have to re-purpose it, spin it in other directions, add, change and delete stuff.

For example, I'm in the process of doing a little bit of extra research - leash free trails - and posting the same concept as a Dog Blog for Travel Oregon.

My result? Four stories for the effort of one idea. No wait… this post is exponetiated material, with a spin for professionals looking to optimize their outreach efforts.

Added bonus: I built hotlinks into each story taking readers back to my website, which helps my SEO. I also posted links on Facbook and Twitter to keep readers engaged, entertained (hopefully), and coming back for more.

That makes five stories plus SEO and social media love, all for the price of one idea. Gesundheit little butterfly!