The Fox that Rocks

Spinning with Jack Shepard

There I was, mild mannered, middle-aged woman with a desk job, spinning off my extra belly fat, when what to my wondering eyes did appear? Matthew Freaking Fox. Yes, the macho LOST hero with the sexy tattoo and sensitive eyes has a residence in Bend, Oregon. And he happened to be in my spinning class at the Athletic Club of Bend. Twice. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I actually considered fainting after class, since he was sitting very near to me and I was rather light-headed anyway. -From the arduous lung-sucking drills that Tina was putting us through, as well as the prospect of being rescued by Jack Shepard. Sigh.

I will say this with perfect sincerity: The most heart-melting moment in all of television history came when Jack Shepard looked at Kate and answered her question (whatever it was) with these four words: “Because I love you.”

I’ve seen a lot of television in my life. When I was really little, I watched Jack LaLaine exercise with my Grandmother, and game shows such as Password and Concentration. As a latchkey kid, I was on intimate terms with Gilligan, Jeannie, Samantha Stevens, and Keith Partridge. Dallas rocked my world with the nail-biter: “Who killed JR?” Stark Trek Next Generation: I have a dusty box of VCR recordings of Jean Luke Picard gallivanting through time and space in my basement. (Yes, I’m that old.)

When HBO and Showtime started courting me with commercial-free movies, I turned by back on network television. Ally McBeal: no. Simpsons: who cares: South Park: seriously? Survivor (and every other reality show): wouldn’t be caught dead.
Then along came 24 and another “Jack” blew my socks off. My husband and I would wait until the series came out on video and then we would watch the entire season over the course of one weekend. Lots of 3am marathons with “just one more episode…”

I mention all this to establish my credibility as a TV Moment Expert. And the by-far, bar-none, top-of-the-heap, best television moment ever was Jack Shepard’s dreamy eyes and smitten face, saying, “Because I love you.”

I love you too Jack Shepard!

To Matt Fox: See you Monday?