Stick Your Face In It

My dog cracks me up. I’ve spoiled him past the point of dog-hood. Pip is no man’s dog. He is a couch potato, a snuggle bunny, a friend of the coyotes. His key occupations: ground sniffer, treat tester, dirt digger, sunbather, and chief analyzer of belly, ear and gum rubs.

Sometimes, he’s a lamb. Not the sweet baby lamb you see pictured in the arms of a shepherd. No. This is the sheep of black legs and snout. This only requires a deep, dark, mud puddle and – voila! – the transformation is complete. Pippin knows that nothing is truly fun unless you stick your face in it, be it a lake, a puddle, someone’s lap, or deer poop. The boy does everything with gusto.

Lessons learned:
1. If you’re not getting the love and affection you need, let out a soft, high-pitched whine and make it louder and louder until someone pets you and lets you know they love you.
2. Your rightful place is the Center of the Universe.
3. Mud is fun. Get dirty.
4. Sincerity: Do it with heart or don’t do it at all.

Today, I’ll take Pip’s example and work in the yard while it rains, write something well, and ask for some attention when I need it.