To Like or Not to Like

Have you noticed any blogs or web pages recently that have a Facebook LIKE button on the bottom? The geniuses at Facebook have created a way to automatically LIKE the Facebook page responsible for the content. Where did that come from? And how do you make it happen on your web content?

Technology changes so fast these days, it's impossible to keep up with everything. New widgets, plug-ins and apps are coming at us from every direction, all the time. One needs to be pre-pubescent or 100% geek to keep up with changing technology. I tend to switch my brain channel to something else - anything else - every time I'm confronted with new techno-lingo. A uncomfortable fog settles into my brain. Switching channels (checking my Facebook page, for example, or walking the dog) is my typical "head-in-the-sand" solution.

That said, every once in awhile something filters through the fog and sinks in. Reading an email today that was forwarded to me, that was forward before by someone else, that I'd been letting drop to the bottom of my email In-Box, I actually learned - and implemented - something new.

I've been noticing these Facebook LIKE buttons popping up on certain blogs and web pages. So people who are reading your blog - like this one - can decide to LIKE your Facebook page, and/or share it with others. Cool. Like so many things, I dismissed that technology as beyond my immediate comprehension and therefore lost in the black hole of technological upgrades.

Until this one particular email spoon-fed it to me. Now, please know, this tidbit was buried in a bunch of garbledy goop about badges, WP-OGP plug-ins and Open Graph Protocols. Huh? But in scanning the instructions, I plucked out a link that linked me somewhere else that gave me an embed code and voila!

If you hit the LIKE button below, you will automatically be a "liker" (formerly "fan") of Oregon Lakes & Rivers Facebook page. If you hit the SEND button, you can send my OL&R link to your Facebook friends. It's very cool, actually. And if you want to add this gizmo to your blog or website, learn how here.