New Magazine & Website Serve as Travelers' Guide to Oregon

Oregon Lakes & Rivers: Travel and Recreation

[BEND, OREGON] Bend-based KMC Media Co. recently announced the launch of Oregon Lakes & Rivers magazine, a new travelers' resource to leisure and lodging in Oregon. "Everything that travelers and recreationalists need to know about staying and playing in Oregon will be in this magazine and on this website," said Kyla Merwin Cheney, publisher, who has deep roots in publishing, recreation and environmental programs in Oregon.

Content for the magazine will range from features on recreation - such as mountain biking, fishing, boating and hiking - to budget travel tips, geocaching, gear reviews, outfitters, maps, and other visitor resources. Extensive resort and restaurant directories will also be included, detailing their amenities to serve as a resource for travelers looking for active recreation, creative retreats and relaxing escapes.

"Oregon Lakes & Rivers will create community networks and circulate information through print and digital components," said Cheney. "We want to stay in stride with digital technology, while still offering the tried-and-true print piece. The two mediums will support each other, appeal to diverse audiences, and drive traffic to both platforms."

The website will be released in Summer 2009 with the print piece to follow in September. The glossy, color magazine will be distributed statewide to visitor centers, as well as in-room in Oregon hotels, resorts and cabins. Digital newsletters will be emailed monthly to pre-qualified readers and "page-flipper" versions will enable those same readers to click through pages just like a print magazine. "We have other technological initiatives up our sleeve, too," said Cheney about the Oregon Lakes and Rivers website.

"We're offering readers more intimate experiences with contributing authors via pod casts, for example, and we enable readers to swap gear and share their own adventures, creating an online social community."

Jay Walsh, general manager of the popular Elk Lake Resort on the Cascade Lakes Highway, is excited about the new magazine. "Oregon Lakes & Rivers is a publication that hits our target market perfectly," he said. "It will show off some of the most beautiful areas of Oregon that are still undiscovered by many people. We're very excited about it."

While the receding economy has dampened spirits and reduced vacation budgets for many, the need for restorative getaways remains alive and well - and perhaps even increases - during times of stress. "You don't have to travel far to feel as though you've really gotten away," says Cheney. "People still want to get out of town to relax and play and rejuvenate themselves. This magazine will provide online and print resources for them, helping them find new and fun and affordable get-aways, wherever the highway takes them."

Cheney plans to print 50,000 copies of the publication twice per year, with Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer editions. Digital versions will be sent monthly to interested readers.

Oregon Lakes & Rivers is published by KMC Media Co., which Cheney founded in 2008. Cheney was executive editor and co-publisher of Cascades East magazine from 2005-2007, and is the managing editor of Pronghorn: Lifestyles of Central Oregon, which she produces for the resort development just east of Bend.

For more information, contact Kyla Merwin Cheney at 541/317-2929 or
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