The Pippinius Snugglebunnius

Amateur Archaeologist Discovers Rare & Exotic Breed

DATELINE: Wenatchee, Washington
February 19, 2014

Snow fossils discovered of an allusive animal breedSnow fossils discovered of an allusive animal breedSnow fossils unearthed by an amateur archaeologist in north central Washington today led to the discovery of a rare and exotic animal, the pippinius snugglebunnius – a breed some thought only existed in myth and urban legend.

While shoveling snow, Kyla Merwin unearthed snow fossils of curious paw prints. “I could tell immediately that I was onto something rare and exciting,” gushed Merwin in a press conference earlier today. Merwin reports that she followed the prints to an area that seemed to indicate instinctual activity. “Most likely sniffing,” suggested Merwin, to the curious arrangement of prints. “But it’s quite likely that the evidence, once scrutinized, will reveal that the pippinius snugglebunnius encountered another beast.”

The pippinius snugglebunnius in its natural habitat The pippinius snugglebunnius in its natural habitat Though other scientists say it’s unlikely, the pippinius snugglebunnius may have met up with a Sadie-saurous – from a breed commonly found in similar packs of the area.

“What we know about both the pippinius and the Sadie-saurous,” reported Merwin, is that they tend to roam in groups, sleep on each others heads, and scavenge for coffee cake, stuffed toys and bacon.

As the search continued into the afternoon, a genuine pippinius snugglebunnius was discovered in its natural habitat, as seen in this rare photograph. As to taming the beast – getting it to come when it’s called, roll over, and stay off the furniture – Merwin says that’s not likely, reporting, “The pippinius has a mind of his own.”